Abierto Introduces e-Cigarette Informational Kiosk at NACS 2013 Show

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Help consumers learn about e-Cigarette brands and the models available to them at your store and increase your sales in this growing, profitable category

Eliot, ME – October 10, 2013Abierto Networks announced today that it will be demonstrating its new e-Cigarette interactive kiosk at the National Association of Convenience Stores annual trade show, booth #3632.

The e-Cigarette Kiosk leverages touch-screen functionality to allow consumers to quickly learn about the many brands and models available to them at a retail location, and invites them to download promotional offers and coupons for e-Cigarettes to their cell phones.  The mobile coupons are instantly redeemable at the store’s POS, encouraging consumers to try these products right away.

“Consumers have many questions about e-Cigarettes,” said Rick Sales, president of Abierto Networks.  “With so many products to choose from, many consumers remain interested in but hesitant to try these new smoking alternatives.  In many cases, in-store personnel are not in the best position to answer these questions.”

The promotional aspect of the kiosk is critical to a successful interaction with the consumer. Once product information is made available to a consumer, the kiosk offers an incentive to try these new products by providing a mobile coupon redeemable on-site.  The consumer can bring this coupon to the register with confidence that they have selected the right product, and that they are purchasing it at a great value thanks to the kiosk.

“A consumer, empowered with product knowledge and armed with a special value, is 10 times more likely to purchase a product than a consumer that simply sees it on the shelf,” said Rick Sales. “For high value products like e-Cigarette starter kits, the combination of product info and a special offer will accelerate trial and adoption.”

About Abierto Networks

Abierto Networks is a value added solutions provider and integrator of Digital Technologies, specializing in High Speed Payment and Digital Marketing solutions for the Convenience Store and Retail Petroleum Industry.  Learn more about Abierto Networks at  www.ab-net.us