Founded in 2005, Abierto Networks is a leading provider of Digital Marketing Technology and POS Transaction Processing Solutions, with primary focus on Convenience Foodservice and Convenience Retail applications. Our company’s mission is to provide solutions by creatively applying technologies to real industry problems so that we deliver a meaningful return on investment to our retail clients.

The Abierto Gateway IP Converter was our first major product platform and enabled retailers to take legacy, non IP-ready POS platforms and transact securely over the internet with TCP Credit Card Authorizations Hosts. As our POS & Host certifications grew, our number of installed sites expanded and today we are proud to say that we have over 15,000 Abierto Gateways installed in convenience stores across the US and Canada.

The Abierto Digital Marketing Platform (DMP) is a suite of products that delivers Digital Signage, Digital Menus, Interactive Engagement Kiosks, and Mobile Loyalty solutions to convenience retailers in the US and Canada. In 2009, Abierto introduced our Mobile Loyalty platform, allowing retailers to redeem (in the POS) product offers delivered to mobile phones, and collect purchasing behavior data to target consumers with future offers. Today, Abierto offers a complete Mobile Loyalty solution helping retailers increase store traffic by targeting consumers while they are not in their stores, with offers that get them to return and shop with greater frequency.

In 2010 Abierto expanded its marketing technology offering by introducing its award-winning Digital Signage solution. Developed to help convenience retailers influence consumer behavior at the point of purchase, Abierto Intelligent Digital Signage can deliver double-digit sales increases in advertised products, and help retailers boost sales of high margin, strategic areas such as coffee, fountain and foodservice.

Convenience Foodservice offerings continue to play an ever-increasing role in the profitability of many retail operations, and Abierto’s Digital Menu solutions are here to help. With content solutions that allow you to focus consumers on highly profitable menu items while meeting and adjusting to the evolving State and Federal regulatory requirements, Abierto’s Digital Menu solutions are a must-have investment for your foodservice operation.

Engaging consumers and employees alike at retail locations is key to brand development and foodservice revenue growth. Remotely and centrally managed, Abierto’s new line of Engagement Kiosks help retailers to communicate and interact with consumers and employees alike, keeping your brand fresh in the eyes of consumers, and your objectives clear in the minds of site personnel.

Today Abierto continues to grow and develop new products, and retains its key focus on the Convenience Foodservice & Retailing Industries with the goal of bringing easy to use, effective and affordable technology solutions that address real industry challenges. Located in York, Maine, our team welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your operations and show you how we can help you grow your business!