CFN Updates

Did you experience issues with your Abierto Gateway processing to CFN?

(Please note: If you are processing credit cards and CFN at your site you do not need to update your CFN.)

Do you have any Abierto Gateway processing CFN transactions that have been experiencing technical difficulties? Due to a pending CFN update to their security Certificate, some older Abierto units have firmware that will need to be updated to remain compatible.

To address this and avoid any future issues, please have a technician follow the instructions below:

Please download all files below and follow the instructions to update your unit. The bdnl firmware files will need to be extracted from the zip files:

> CFN Update Files Package

You should also install the following tool on your laptop for use in performing the upgrade.

> Systech Port Server Tool

If you would prefer to have Abierto assist in making these updates for you, we offer a 24/7 support plan available for your convenience.