FDA Menu Labeling

House Committee passes updates to FDA Menu Labeling

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Many industry groups and retailers were pleased to see The Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act (introduced to the House Energy and Commerce Committee in January) pass a Committee vote with bipartisan support.  The HR772 bill  will now be advanced for a full House vote and has the support from industry groups such as NACS, NAG and FMI. The bill looks to amend the FDA Menu Labeling mandate with easements such as the interpretation of serving size language that is considered too restrictive.

In remarks made at the CSP Foodservice Forum which was held in Chicago last May, Abierto President, Rick Sales, noted that industry leaders such as Panera and Sheetz have already done all of the work required to become compliant with the Menu Labeling Mandate. They will certainly use it to give their customers the information that they are asking for, regardless of the mandate. 

The bill still must make it through a full House vote, and then pass through the Senate as well. With no vote to repeal the ACA, the FDA Menu Labeling mandate continues to be the law of the land and retailers will continue to work towards compliance. 

Don’t forget to send your comments to the FDA here. The comment period is open to the public until August 2nd and has over 1,000 comments as of this posting.