Use Abierto’s Interactive Engagement Kiosk platform to advance your in-store messaging strategy with fun, interactive tools that will enable a targeted conversation with your audience. The message delivery is automated, which means it does not rely on the store manager or other store personnel for communication.

The powerful system design supports a customized experience layer, and allows you to track usage, behavior, and message retention from your employees and customers. This allows you to enhance the quality and consistency of your messaging, and update content on demand to reflect current messaging needs.

Abierto Kiosk

Abierto Interactive Engagement Kiosk platform allows retailers to provide a unique, powerful and engaging experience for consumers and employees alike. Abierto has developed its Kiosk platform and technology to provide a robust, scalable and easy to use solution for retailers. With all infrastructure, software and database architecture developed by Abierto, retailers can focus on designing the right engagement experience for their audience.

Abierto Kiosk

Leveraging Abierto’s powerful one-to-many content management and distribution technology, retailers can reach thousands every day with engaging, interactive messages.

While most engagement applications are possible, most convenience store retailers focus only on solutions for:

    • Loyalty Information
    • Nutritional / FDA Menu Data
    • Promotional / Marketing
    • Employee Communications

Features of the Abierto Kiosk Platform

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    Time-Sensitive / Critical Messaging / Real Time Exposure

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    Automated Message Delivery — does not rely on store manager or other store personnel for communication

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    Fun, Modern, Engaging Presentation with Touch-Screen Interactivity

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    Multiple Options and Form Factors for Purpose Built Industrial/Commercial Hardware

Digital kiosks are a key communication channel we rely on to improve our customer experience. We’re able to deliver dynamic content to our employees, ensuring our employees are knowledgeable and understand their role in delivering a great experience for our customers in every Sheetz location.Michele Delaney, Sheetz

Reduce Printing and Merchandising Costs

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