Cultivate Loyal Customers

Allows retailers to offer “club-style” loyalty programs. A “club-style” loyalty program is where you offer a free or reduced price item after the purchase of a given quantity of the same item (or group of related items). Eliminate punch cards of the past with our Mobile Club Card. The Club Loyalty Engine gives you tracking and real redemption control significantly reduces fraud and provides valuable market data about your club members and their buying behaviors.



Toss the scissors and cut the cards!

The Club Loyalty Engine allows you to use a consumer’s cell phone as a Mobile Coupon subscriber number and Club Loyalty identifier, eliminating the need to generate and distribute a loyalty card and coupons for the consumer. Consumers can simply present their cell phone to earn or redeem points electronically at any of your retail locations. Customers can use their card number or phone number to redeem their coupon. This allows your customers an alternative to digging in their pockets for their wallet or keychain.

Consolidate Clubs on One Mobile Device

Abierto’s Club Loyalty Engine supports multiple club programs on one mobile card or phone number. Use this feature to create a Coffee Club, Gas Club, or even a Candy Club!

Club Cards:

  • Control the Rules of Your Program
  • Choose the products that earn points
  • Choose the number of points required for redemption
  • Create the discount type and amount to be redeemed at the POS as an applied discount or sent as an on-demand coupon
  • Create valid dates or redemption

The store clerk simply rings-up the purchased items and scans the coupon barcode that is displayed on the customer’s phone.* The customer’s receipt reflects the savings amount and all other purchase amounts and applicable taxes.

*For phones that cannot display a barcode image, the clerk types in a numeric code.

Repeat customer and added value

“Mobile couponing is the only technology that you can use to target an individual who is not at your site, getting them to come back and engage in a particular behavior. It’s unique beyond other loyalty technologies.” – Rick Sales, President

Historical data and fast turnaround

  • You can continue sending targeted promotions to your opt-in customers. The POS integration enables you to capture customer purchase information that you can use when targeting future promotions.
  • Review multiple real-time reports with a single click: Drill into your transactional data to better understand promotional results




Control Redemption

YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMER benefits because:

  • They get a free item or a discount on their purchase.
  • No need to carry around (and lose) a Plastic Loyalty Card
  • They only get offers that are relevant to them.

YOU benefit because:

  • You retain a happy and satisfied customer
  • Your POS records another piece of data about that individual customer’s buying habits to use in future targeted ‘relationship selling’ promotions.
  • No need to manage physical burdensome Loyalty Cards
  • (Increase sales on high margin items)
  • Your POS records another piece of data about that individual customer’s buying habits to use in future targeted ‘relationship selling’ promotions.


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