Abierto Gateway Restores Site Devastated by Tornado

Mother Nature tests the Abierto Networks IP Converter
Stuttgart, AR May 10, 2008 – An F3 tornado that destroyed buildings and toppled power lines in this small city left the Arkansas County Coop convenience store without phone and electrical service for nearly two weeks. Using a portable generator, the staff quickly restored power to the store. However, without phone lines no credit card payments could be processed. Local residents needed the ability to use credit cards to pay for essential needs like fuel and bottled water.

Jodi Reichstadt, a quick-thinking CHS employee realized that the store had a radio-based wireless Internet connection, and suggested the use of the Abierto Gateway IP Converter to run their Point-of-Sale Register on IP. Jodi had the device shipped Next Day Air, and minutes after its arrival at the site, they started accepting credit cards.
Charles Wright, manager of the Arkansas County Coop, recalled how they were the first store in the area able to sell gas and convenience items. “CHS and Abierto did an excellent job. They couldn’t have tried harder and the Abierto Gateway IP Converter worked great!” The store provided essential services and gained many new customers while the city was recovering from this serious natural disaster.
Available in multiple port configurations, the Abierto Gateway is a flexible network device that allows customers to convert modem and serial based POS terminals to IP networks. The Gateways are certified for use by most major transaction processors and are delivered pre-configured for fast, turnkey installations.
About Abierto Networks
Abierto Networks is the leading provider of Dial-to-IP and Serial-to-IP Solutions for Payment Systems in the Convenience Store Industry. With solid network integration expertise for POS, Transaction Processing, In-Store Electronic and Fueling Systems, Abierto helps clients save money and improve performance by converting existing systems to IP.
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