Abierto Gateway Tested by Hurricane Rita

Located along the I-10 evacuation route from Houston, a recently installed Abierto Gateway handles a record number of transactions flawlessly.

Exeter, NH September 23, 2005 – Abierto Gateway model 7542 was recently put to the test at a convenience store in Seguin, TX.

With bumper-to-bumper evacuee traffic on I-10, the Sunmart Store in Seguin, TX was mobbed with travelers all day long and well into the night, with at times as many as 300 cars in its parking lot. “We had a lot of tired and frustrated customers in our hands and could not afford to have problems authorizing credit cards with this crowd,” said Angie Moses, Store Manager for the Sunmart Store in Seguin, TX. “Every terminal connected to the Abierto Gateway ran flawlessly, with both of our POS terminals running credit cards and checks continuously, plus the ATM giving out cash non-stop. We did not miss a beat.”

With the Abierto Gateway, Sunmart was able to transact faster. Before converting to IP, these modem-based devices shared one phone line and could not operate simultaneously. With the Abierto Gateway, the devices were capable of operating simultaneously, and were negotiating faster by directing traffic to the processors’ IP hosts instead of their modem hosts.

“We had tested our 7542 deployment at Angie’s store and were confident that everything was operating properly”, said Rick Sales, President of Abierto Networks. “Nonetheless, the fact that it ran flawlessly during a long period of virtually non stop processing is a great testimonial for us.”

Available in multiple port configurations, the Abierto Gateway is a flexible network device that allows customers to connect modem and serial based POS terminals to IP networks. The Gateways are certified for use by most major transaction processors and are delivered pre-configured for fast, turnkey installations.

About Abierto Networks
Abierto Networks is the leading provider of Dial-to-IP and Serial-to-IP Solutions for Payment Systems in the Convenience Store Industry. With solid network integration expertise for POS, Transaction Processing, In-Store Electronics and Fueling Systems, Abierto helps clients save money and improve performance by converting existing systems to IP.

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