Abierto Networks Powers Fas-Trip Convenience Stores’ Mobile Coupon Campaign

Fas-Trip Convenience Stores partnered with Pepsi to launch a successful mobile coupon campaign at the Washington Town and Country Fair using Abierto’s Mobile Couponing Technology.

Exeter, NH – October 4th, 2010 – Abierto Networks announced today that its Mobile Couponing Text Server™successfully powered a large mobile coupon campaign spear-headed by Fas-Trip Convenience Stores, offering the opportunity to win multiple prizes and free Pepsi products to all texters that opted-in to play.

To opt-in, participants texted keywords advertised on Pepsi’s Main Concert Stage and on Digital Signage media towers placed throughout the fair. After opting-in, consumers received a welcome text message followed by a mobile coupon for a Fas-Trip / Pepsi promotional offer. To add to the excitement, minutes before each concert started, a few participants received additional mobile messages awarding them free front row concert tickets and Fas-Trip gift cards. Concerts included the hit bands Uncle Kracker, Ted Nugent, Peter Frampton and Rodney Atkins.

To redeem the mobile coupons, consumers were asked to bring their phones to participating Fas-Trip stores by August 14th and present their mobile coupon at the register to receive their free Pepsi product. Coupons were either scanned from a mobile barcode displayed on graphics-enabled phones, or manually entered from phones that could not display the barcode. Redemptions were seamlessly integrated into Fas-Trip’s Ruby Sapphire POS, using Abierto’s Electronic Redemption Software Client™.

The six-day mobile coupon campaign involved the advertising of 11 different keywords and the delivery of thousands of unique, single use mobile coupons, resulting in thousands of consumer opt-ins and mobile coupons redemptions at Fas-Trip stores.

Michelle Hoerstkamp, Vice President of Fas-Trip Convenience Stores said, “The excitement we created with the mobile coupons was incredible! Word-of-mouth was so strong, that some consumers were calling our main office daily to find out the keywords for that day! With Abierto’s Mobile Text Server, we were able to issue multiple promotional offers per day and allow consumers to opt-in to those offers they found appealing. We look forward to continuing to deliver valuable promotions to our growing number of mobile consumers using the Abierto Mobile Text Server.

Rick Sales, president of Abierto Networks, stated “Fas-Trip ran a sophisticated and technologically challenging marketing campaign, and I am very pleased that we had the opportunity to power this effort using our mobile couponing technology. The real win for Fas-Trip, however, is having the ability to target their opted-in consumers with additional mobile coupons tailored to their specific buying behavior. Delivering the right promotion to the right consumer is a win/win for both!”

Abierto’s Mobile Couponing Text Server™ and Electronic Redemption Software Client™ are two of three modules that make up its complete Digital Marketing Platform. Abierto’s Digital Marketing Platform enables retailers to target consumers with eye-catching Digital Advertising and Mobile Phone Coupons. Convenience Store chains can generate impulse buys and boost brand awareness with high impact promotional messages at the point of purchase. Retailers can automatically change in-store advertising by time of day and day of the week, as well as send Mobile Coupons to increase in-store traffic (5 to 10 times higher redemptions than paper coupons). Electronically redeemable at the POS, Abierto’s Mobile Coupons reduce fraud and deliver targeted, measurable promotions directly to consumers’ cell phones.

Michelle Hoerstkamp added, “From the very beginning of this project, it was clear to Fas-Trip that the only way we wanted to redeem these mobile coupons was through our POS. Abierto’s Electronic Redemption Software Client performed brilliantly, providing real-time redemption control, solid redemption data, and a positive redemption experience for our customers! ”

About Abierto Networks

Abierto Networks is a value added solutions provider and integrator of Digital Technologies, specializing in High Speed Payment and Digital Marketing solutions for the Convenience Store and Retail Petroleum Industry.

About Fas-Trip Stores

Based in Washington, MO, Fas-Trip is a family owned and operated chain of Convenience Stores serving consumers in the greater Franklin County since 1983.

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