Abierto Networks Lobster Clambake Drawing is a Hit at NACStech 2006

Weigel’s Inc.’s Joe Stocker is winner of Abierto Networks’ Show Contest

Nashville, TN – May 15, 2006 – Abierto Networks of Exeter, NH, integrators of Dial & Serial-to IP Converters, awarded their NACStech show Lobster Clambake drawing prize to Joe Stocker of Weigel’s Inc.

“NACStech 2006 was a great success.” said Rick Sales, President of Abierto Networks. “There was a lot of interest in the Abierto Gateway IP Converters debuted at last year’s show. These devices offer a very cost effective means to converting existing equipment to IP.”

Co-sponsoring the event were Systech Corporation and New Edge Networks.

About Abierto Networks
Abierto Networks (www.ab-net.us) is a value added solutions provider and integrator of Electronic Payment Technologies, specializing in the Convenience Store and Retail Petroleum Industry. The Abierto Gateway line of Serial and Dial-to-IP Converts enables retailers to re-deploy existing POS and payment terminals over high-speed IP connections, delivering fast, secure and reliable IP transactions to over 30 certified Credit Card, ATM, Check, Gift Card, Fleet Fueling Card, and loyalty processors. Through it’s network of strategic technology partners, Abierto delivers best of class, integrated hardware, software, and services solutions that meet the exacting needs of retail clients in North America and beyond.

Learn more about Abierto Networks at www.ab-net.us