Abierto Networks Deploys Digital Media Center in the Cloud

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Abierto Networks Deploys Digital Media Center in the Cloud

Leveraging its Cloud Space at Amazon Web Services, Abierto deployed its new Digital Signage Host for increased scalability and redundancy of service.

Eliot, ME – May 21st, 2012 –

Abierto Networks announced today that it has successfully deployed its Digital Media CenterTM host to its own cloud space at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Abierto has been recently migrating all of its systems, and particularly the Marketing Technology Systems like Media Center, to the AWS cloud space. “The Cloud offers us great flexibility with highly scalable bandwidth and significant processing power and storage capacity” said Dan Maftei, Senior Development Engineer for Abierto Networks.  “Additionally, its geographically dispersed architecture delivers unparalleled availability and redundancy for our clients.”

Abierto’s Digital Media Center allows retailers to create, manage and deploy Digital Signage ads for playback in their own network of in-store TV screens and media players.  Retailers can use Media Center’s library, which includes thousands of product images, backgrounds, ad layouts, marketing copy and animation sequences to produce professional-grade advertising without the cost of an ad agency or the complexity of using design tools like PhotoShop or After Effects.  Media Center is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) with self service and full service options to fit any budget and marketing staff.

“As our Digital Signage client base grows, the number of digital assets (ads, movies and product photographs) that we inventory, update and deploy grows exponentially” added Rick Sales, President of Abierto Networks.  “AWS allows us to quickly and reliably add new clients to Media Center while guaranteeing the system performance for all existing clients.”.”

About Abierto Networks

Abierto Networks is a value added solutions provider and integrator of Digital Technologies, specializing in High Speed Payment and Digital Marketing solutions for the Convenience Store and Retail Petroleum Industry.  Learn more about Abierto Networks at www.ab-net.us