Abierto Networks and Systech Corporation Announce SysLINK Modular Communications Gateway

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Abierto Networks and Systech Corporation Announce SysLINK Modular Communications Gateway

A fully integrated communications device with field-configurable hardware and software options, SysLINK is a revolutionary solution for retail communications


Eliot, ME and San Diego, CA – May 21st, 2012 – Abierto Networks and Systech Corporation announced today the introduction of the SysLINK Modular Communications Gateway.  SysLINK is a new family of products that integrate multiple communications platforms to meet the Internet connectivity, site controls and security needs of convenience store retail sites. In addition to its industry-leading IP Converter functionality, SysLINK incorporates a router, firewall and modem (wired or cellular), as well as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave and LE Bluetooth interfaces supported via field upgradable modules. Typical applications include Point-Of-Sale, ATMs, IP phones, lighting control, HVAC, security, surveillance, building automation, energy management, and mobile health. The gateway is PA-DSS certified for PCI security compliant financial applications.

Rick Sales, President of Abierto said “SysLINK represents the next generation of communication gateway technology, allowing the retailer to pick and choose the type and number of interfaces required to support all applications at a given site. With available cellular connectivity, segmented LAN ports and Wi-Fi (including multiple SSID), SysLINK is the only device a retailer needs for increased functionality and streamlined network design.”

Similar to a traditional desktop computer, SysLINK products provide interface slots that may be populated to extend the features and functionality of the gateway.  Among the many interfaces supported with field upgradable modules are option cards that support Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G LTE cellular, ZigBee, Z-Wave, LE Bluetooth, digital ports, serial ports, a modem and analog dialup ports.  Option cards may be pre-configured at the factory, or may be added  in the field.

“We are very excited about the role that SysLINK will play in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) retail operations,” said Jon Goby, Vice President of Sales at Systech. “SysLINK was developed with significant feedback from customers and partners and simplifies network hardware deployments at retail sites, while taking advantage of newtechnologies such as 4G LTE and ZigBee.”

About Abierto Networks

Abierto Networks is a value added solutions provider and integrator of Digital Technologies, specializing in High Speed Payment and Digital Marketing solutions for the Convenience Store and Retail Petroleum Industry.

About Systech Corporation

Systech Corporation, established in 1981, is an industry leader in network conversion gateways, servers, and switches, supporting a wide variety of interfaces including Cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Analog Dial, Serial, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and USB. Systech brings network connectivity to IP and non-IP based systems for a wide variety of applications including ATM, point-of-sale, vending, remote electronic signage, building automation and security, and remote monitoring. Additional information can be found at www.systech.com.