Digital Signage

Influence consumer buying behavior with high-impact, centrally-managed Digital Signage from Abierto Networks.Suggestive selling advertising focuses attention on high-margin items and featured product promotions, driving impulse purchases and increasing sales.

Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Consumer, at the Right Time

Increasing sales on advertised products by 15-20% is easy with Abierto’s Media Appliance. Connect with your customers the moment they walk into your store. Whether you’re looking to promote your specials, loyalty program or menu, our Media Appliance is cost-effective and easy to use. Create promotional messages from a central location and push them out to one store, or multiple locations. Change messages by time of day and day of the week or in day parts. Promotions can be scheduled weeks in advance or on demand.

Content, Content, Content

Create your ads professionally and quickly with Abierto’s Media Center. We offer a self–serve option (you do it!) or full-serve option (we do it for you) utilizing our digital media library of industry-specific product photography, professional backgrounds and frames. These assets help customize your ads, meeting your unique marketing needs and allowing you to attract your customers’ attention and influence their purchases.

Site Hardware Requirements • Abierto’s Intelligent Media Appliance™
• Digital Monitor
• Mounting Hardware
Site Requirements • Network Connection
• Power
Implementation Lead-time • 2 to 4 weeks

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