Club Loyalty Engine

Abierto Networks’ Club Loyalty Engine leverages the power and infrastructure of the Mobile Coupon Text Server™ to allow retailers to offer “club-style” loyalty programs.  A “club-style” loyalty program is one where you offer a free item after the purchase of a given quantity of the same item (or group of related items).  Designed to replace the punch cards typically used by retailers to “control” these programs, our Club Loyalty Engine gives you tracking and real redemption control, significantly reducing fraud and providing valuable market data about your club members and their buying behaviors.

Sample of Loyalty Program Card Powered by Abierto\’s Club Loyalty Engine

Consumer’s cell phone eliminates the need of plastic loyalty cards
Coupled with MTS, the Club Loyalty Engine allows you to use a consumer’s cell phone as a Mobile Coupon subscriber number and Club Loyalty identifier, eliminating the need to generate and distribute a loyalty card for the consumer.  Consumers can simply present their cell phone to earn or redeem points electronically at any of your retail locations.  This allows your customers an alternative to digging in their pockets for their wallet or keychain.

Multiple programs on one medium
Abierto’s Club Loyalty Engine supports multiple club programs on one card (or cell) number.  Weigels’ consumers can opt to join one or multiple club programs under one account.


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