Mobile Marketing – Mobile Couponing Text Server™

Highly customizable, targeted communications and transactional vehicle enables convenience stores and petroleum-industry retailers to target individual consumers with relevant promotional coupons.
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A highly targeted and measurable promotional tool
A key component of Abierto’s Digital Marketing Platform (DMP) is the Mobile Couponing Text Server™. This application increases in-store traffic by making use of the immediacy of personal cell phones and electronic coupons. You provide consumers with targeted coupons that are time and location sensitive, making your specific promotion more successful and highly measurable.

Electronically redeemable at the POS and convenient for your customers
Consumers who see your coupon offers on your digital signage can immediately ‘opt-in’ from their cell phones by texting a given “keyword” to a specific SMS number. Your customer receives your value-added coupon and then easily redeems their coupon at your POS. Customers’ receipts will reflect the total amount purchased, redeemed item(s), and adjusted taxes. Customers can easily register, redeem, opt-in and opt-out from their cell phones at any time. Off-site, consumers in your community, who see or hear your promotional message, can opt-in immediately and redeem their coupon with you at their convenience.

Repeat customer and added value
Once customers have opted-in, you can send specific, highly–targeted promotional coupons directly to their cell phones. As long as your customer chooses to receive your coupons, your targeted coupons will become more personalized and you will gain a more loyal customer.

Historical data and fast turnaround
You can continue sending targeted promotions to your opt-in customers. The POS integration enables you to capture customer purchase information that you can use when targeting future promotions.
For more about historical data and reporting, see Abierto Coupon Redemption & POS Integration.

Coupon Management Services

On Demand

  • Creation
  • Distribution / Targeting
  • Scheduling
  • Termination


  • Opt-in / Opt-out
  • Redemptions