Coupon Redemption & POS Integration – Electronic Redemption Software Client™

Integrating Mobile Couponing Technology into your POS allows you to control fraud and capture historical data about your customers’ buying habits.

Abierto’s Digital Marketing Platform (DMP) includes a software module that connects Mobile Coupon Redemption directly into your POS, giving you the ability to track redeemed coupons in all related purchases. Store managers will be able to produce reports showing redemptions by store, by day, by PLU# and by keyword.

For the customer, the transaction process is seamless.
The store clerk simply rings-up the purchased items and scans the barcoded coupon that is displayed on the customer’s phone.* The customer’s receipt reflects the redemption savings amount and all other purchase amounts and applicable taxes.

*For phones that cannot display a barcode image, the clerk simply types in the display’s numeric code.

It’s a win/win for you and your customer.
YOUR CUSTOMER benefits because:

  • They get a free item or a discount on their purchase.
  • They only get offers that are relevant to them.

YOU benefit because:

  • You retain a happy and satisfied customer and
  • Your POS records another piece of data about that individual customer’s buying habits to use in future targeted ‘relationship selling’ promotions.