Intelligent End Cap

Abierto Networks’ Intelligent End Cap creates a fun and engaging consumer experience that will help you sell any product. By allowing the consumer to learn more about your featured products, you are creating a highly positive buying experience.

Voted “Retailer Top Pick” in the 2013 NACS Show “COOL NEW PRODUCTS” area.

Fully Engage Your Customers: How the End Cap Works

The Abierto Intelligent End Cap works as an integration of digital signage and
smart sensor technologies. When a consumer picks up a product from one of the placeholders, corresponding information about that product is displayed digitally
on a screen above the end cap. This creates a learning, fun, and engaging buying experience for the consumer. Our initial test results on the Intelligent End Cap have shown that a merchandiser can sell 25% more product than standard end cap or shelf advertising.

Customize Your End Cap

Creating an interactive, engaging consumer experience will help you sell more of any product, and our end cap’s sensors and corresponding digital signage can be programmed to suit your store’s unique consumer engagement needs.

For whatever featured products you use, the Intelligent End Cap keeps a count of which products are picked up from the display, how long the product is actively being held, and how many times an individual passes by the unit.

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