NEW OPEN.LED 2.0 Coming Soon!

In 2020, Abierto was the first to bring transparent LED film to the C-Store market with our proprietary OPEN.LED. Transparent LED technology represents a groundbreaking innovation in visual display solutions, seamlessly merging the physical and digital worlds. With its transparent design, OPEN.LED redefined conventional notions of signage by allowing viewers to see through the display, while simultaneously delivering vibrant content. This revolutionary technology opened up endless possibilities for immersive experiences in retail environments, corporate settings, and public spaces, where information and branding can coexist harmoniously with the surrounding environment. All the while, the unidirectional transparency preserved line-of-sight for employees, preserving safety and minimizing interior visual impact.

This spring, we are integrating a range of enhancements through the introduction of OPEN.LED 2.0. Our new ‘2.0’ displays feature:


  • Double the brightness: guaranteeing performance in all lighting conditions

  • 4x Resolution: amazingly sharp imagery and video. 

  • Semi-Permanent Installation: install and relocate the display with ease on any window or transparent surface. 

These enhancements signal a new era of transparent LED displays. Higher nit panels will ensure that displays are readable, even in the middle of a sunny day. Enhanced resolution will allow for high definition video and imagery, catching the eye of the customer and expanding design capabilities. Semi-permanent install will enable the relocation or reconfiguration.


We couldn’t be more excited about the new possibilities with OPEN.LED 2.0! Reach out to us if you’d like to schedule an appointment to learn more about what ‘2.0’ can do for your brand.