The OPEN.Playlist module is a reliable and verifiable content distribution solution for individual digital displays. Abierto’s most popular application, deployed to over 500 displays.

OPEN.Playlist supports all grouping, dayparting, localization and scheduling features of OPEN. The solution does not require a media player when used in conjunction with smart digital displays. Legacy equipment can be easily integrated into platform with a retrofit device.


Playlist was the first module developed in OPEN. Engineered to streamline single screen content distribution, Playlist saves customers’ time while also enabling more advanced distribution strategies and providing customizable reports. 

• Supports all scheduling and management features of OPEN. (grouping, dayparting, localization, scheduling, batch uploading, etc).

• Reports playback verification data to allow for monetization and analysis.

• Licensed to retailers on a per site per year basis, under a master license agreement.

 • No media player required with smart displays. Abierto can provide equip- ment, retrofit to legacy equipment and integrate with other manufacturers.


OPEN.Playlist’s expanded features reflect our clients’ changing needs for on-premise advertising. Today’s Playlist not only delivers time savings via scheduling and distribution automation, but also provides the most popular content management tools including: grouping, localization and dayparting.

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