OPEN.KIOSK is an interactive touch screen solution developed to streamline communication with store associates and remote employees. Its operational goal was to provide an interactive engagement experience for store associates.

It was developed to provide an engagement experience for a customer's store associates. The goal of OPEN.Kiosk was to deliver key operational and motivational messaging to all employees in a multitude of stores across numerous states. This solution needed to be easy to update and manage remotely to ensure that critical information was reaching employees.


OPEN.KIOSK quickly evolved to become more than a back-of-house messaging solution. Employee messaging, site specific reporting, sales data and engagement statistics are expanded capabilities of the current version of OPEN.Kiosk.

• A customized, curated interactive kiosk, sourced and designed by Abierto’s team with custom apps.

• Integrated with customers’ enterprise system to automatically distribute and display each store’s locally relevant data, their daily sales results, as well as monthly bonus stats, birthdays and anniversary recognitions.

• Licensed to retailers on a per site per year basis, under a master license agreement.

OPEN.KIOSK collects employee interaction data (touches) and reports on engagement.


Take your brand to the next level using the OPEN.Platform