The OPEN.Videowall module automatically formats digital video or animated content to fit any number of screens, of any size and in any configuration. Currently deployed to over 200 locations.

Videowalls have become standard in C-Store retail locations, but they often don’t work effectively. Stretched, misaligned and generally unattractive content is common. OPEN. Videowall tackles these hurdles by adjusting content so it can be distributed across multiple screens and synchronized for flawless playback.


Videowall was created to meet industry needs for bigger, bolder in-store messaging. Building off of the technology in OPEN. Playlist, OPEN.Videowall integrates the same uploading, grouping and dayparting, advanced management tools. Integrating these functionalities make this more technically demanding application accessible to most retailers.

• Programmatic division of content to ensure a proper fit and avoid stretched content.

• Supports, images and videos, and can create playlists that include both full-bleed content as well as individual screens

• Licensed to retailers on a per site per year basis, under a master license agreement.

 No media player required with smart displays. Abierto can provide equip- ment, retrofit to legacy equipment and integrate with other manufacturers.


Seven years later, OPEN.Videowall implementations are quite different from that of yesteryear. Today’s Videowall supports:

• Smart Screen (no media player) deployments.

• High-definition video and animation content.

• All OPEN.CMS scheduling and distribution automation features.

• All grouping, localization and dayparting options.

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