A modular programmatic menu application - OPEN.Menu displays real-time pricing and product availability for each store. With total design flexibility, OPEN.Menus are accurate, beautiful and effective. Price book data can be integrated via API or file upload to further ensure accuracy.

Individually customizable menus with the click of a button.

Remote management allows for individual menu customization and management for customers with diversity in their store offerings. Automated image generation simplifies menu design and ensures that visuals match item availability. Update menus by location or group in real time, ensuring accuracy and improving the customer experience. 

See the big picture.


Accurate visuals.

Intelligent metadata tagging ensures that menus only advertise available items. Out-of-stock and LTOs can be determined by price book integrations at every location.


Right time. Every time.

Dayparting and localization ensure that correct information is displayed at the right time at every location.


Compatible with any screen.

No media player required with smart displays. Abierto can provide equipment, retrofit to legacy equipment and integrate with other manufacturers.


Take your brand to the next level using the OPEN.Platform