A transparent, modular LED film that adheres to the inside of windows to deliver big, bold and beautiful digital messaging to consumers in the forecourt and parking areas. An innovative new technology to engage with potential customers and stimulate store traffic and brand engagement.

Communication is critical to engage consumers. 

Never be ignored again. Exclusive to Abierto, OPEN.LED film brings the “WOW” to any storefront. Constructed from modular, trimmable panels, LED film can be applied to any size window, providing a low profile, semi-custom solution to any forecourt or parking area. 60% transparent panels have unidirectional LED diodes, preserving exterior views from inside the store.

See the big picture.


Big, Bold & Beautiful

Digital film displays can be built to fit any size with a trimmable, modular panel design. Create a customized fit, specific to your space.


Exclusive to Abierto

Abierto is the exclusive partner of LG digital film in North America. Catered installation, support and service is included with every display sold.


60% Transparent

Directional LED diodes face the forecourt preserving transparency from inside of the store. The display is invisible when off and images are only visible outside.


Interior Installation

Directional LEDs can be mounted inside of the store, protecting displays from the elements and streamlining the installation process.

See it in action. 


Take your brand to the next level using the OPEN.Platform