OPEN.Platform is a remotely managed cloud-based digital content management platform that enables users to deliver impactful, localized messaging across complex networks of stores and displays.

The five application modules integrate seamlessly with Abierto’s OPEN. CMS, bringing a new level of flexibility and creativity to planning marketing campaigns.

Abierto began developing it’s digital signage platform in 2011, introducing their first solution that same year. Since then, retailer needs for in-store digital messaging have dramatically changed. Working with retail clients and partners, Abierto has evolved its offering to support key industry applications; with a focus on reliability and ease of execution.

OPEN.Platform is the premiere digital communication solution in the C-Store industry. Its cutting-edge suite of products are designed with partners in mind, curated to help execute your vision.


Convenience store retailers face meaningful challenges in managing their often complex network of stores. From ever-changing product offerings and stock issues, to varying store types and pricing, building an impactful in-store experience with engaging messaging can be incredibly challenging for retailers.



OPEN.Platform is designed to overcome common impediments to digital communication. Campaign planning, content distribution, and playback verification face meaningful technological impediments are only a few of the challenges that OPEN addresses with its common-sense solution. 

  • Automated scheduling using metadata tagging. Always distribute the right content to the right location, without having to generate a playlist. 

  • Site or group specific overrides. Modify playlists on the fly to ensure accuracy in a fast-paced C-Store environment.

  • Device status and real-time playback reports. 99% uptime with email alerts. 

  • Robust reporting features to verify playback and analyze campaigns. 

  • Curated hardware to make your message impossible to ignore. 

  • Cohesive support and service. Abierto can help with everything from install to content creation. 

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