OPEN.Platform is a remotely managed cloud-based digital content management platform that enables users to deliver impactful, localized messaging across complex networks of stores and displays.

The five application modules integrate seamlessly with Abierto’s OPEN. CMS, bringing a new level of flexibility and creativity to planning marketing campaigns.

Abierto began developing it’s digital signage platform in 2011, introducing their first solution that same year. Since then, retailer needs for in-store digital messaging have dramatically changed. Working with retail clients and partners, Abierto has evolved its offering to support key industry applications; with a focus on reliability and ease of execution.

This section will explain each module of the OPEN.Platform and explore how they were developed to address key on-premise needs of customers.

Convenience store retailers face meaningful challenges in managing their often complex network of stores. From ever-changing product offerings and stock issues, to varying store types and pricing, building an impactful in-store experience with engaging messaging can be incredibly challenging for retailers.



The US Convenience Store Industry, an es- sential retail channel for all American con- sumers, offers great opportunities for OPEN. A few facts:

  • 63 million consumers visit each day.

  • 160,000 retail outlets in 48 states.

  • Annual revenues: $650 Billion

  • Annual profits: $11 Billion

  • Approximately 1000+ retail products per store.

  • Critical catagories: food service, beverages, age

    restricted products.


Convenience store retailers frequently look to technology to help them reach their goals. Success is usually defined as:

  • Increased consumer traffic in-store.

  • Strong consumer preference/opinion of the brand.

  • Creation of aspirational and engaging “WOW”

    in-store experiences.


Campaign planning, content distribution, and playback verification face meaningful technological impediments, including:

  • Different store formats.

  • Varied product offerings.

  • Disorganized or complex IT networks.

  • Difficulty managing remote devices.

  • Aging hardware.

  • Outdated software with limited capabilities.

  • Inadequate team skills.

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